Your Guide to Hydrated Skin this Winter

Stay Hydrated

Temperatures are dropping. We’re here with hacks to drop the dry skin, too.

Winter can have you feeling like your skin is on high alert. The combination of cold weather, wind and indoor heat does a number on your body’s moisture levels — which translates into dry, depleted skin from head to toe, aka the opposite of that healthy glow we all love to see. Your face is flaky, hands and feet feel rough and no matter how many times you layer on the serums and moisturizers, your skin is thirsty for more. So what do you do: accept that this is your fate until spring, or try a whole different strategy to combat the winter-skin blues?

We vote B. Sure, keep applying your favorite lotions, creams and oils. SPF should always be part of your regimen and products with hyaluronic acid are particularly important this time of year. But we also recommend adding some ingestible beauty products to your arsenal. And dermatologists agree: the right supplements help your glow stay strong from the inside out. Three to consider are our Complexion Capsules, Hydration Drops and Vegan Collagen Boost Powder. These heavy-hitting nutritional blends use many of the same ingredients you’ll find in creams and serums, but because you take them orally, they work in a whole different way. We like to address the issue from multiple angles, you know? 

Taken daily, our Complexion Capsules use Vitamins A and E to support hydration and help skin cells hold on to more moisture, plus zinc, licorice root and green tea to strengthen and improve skin tone and texture* — which can really suffer after day after day of freezing weather. 

Hydration Drops get right to the point with pure hyaluronic acid and electrolytes to give your skin the hydration it needs*; while Vegan Collagen Boost uses a plant-based formula to support your body’s natural collagen production and help keep your skin looking fresh, firm and youthful*. You can add a scoop to a smoothie, a cup of tea or any drink for a quick beauty boost that fits right in with your regular routine. 

This winter, we’re keeping the self-love vibes strong by taking care of ourselves in big and little ways. That means drinking enough water and getting an extra hit of hydration via smart supplements. Because no one takes care of you better than you — and we’re here to support your efforts every single day.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

2 thoughts on “Your Guide to Hydrated Skin this Winter

  1. I saw an ad for your products in Elle magazine. Was very curious. What is missing is your ingredient list. As a nutritionist I am always looking for products for myself and my clients; however, I must know what’s in them and the quantities of each ingredient. If you had list these things I would have ordered.

    Thanks so much.. Good luck.. Looks like a nice product.

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks for your feedback. All of our ingredients are listed on the back of our product packaging as well as at Is there a product we can help you take a closer look at?

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