Sweet dreams: your guide to better sleep

Here For It

Dreams getting a little strange lately? You’re not alone. Recent research shows that many of us are experiencing dreams “colored by stress, isolation and change in sleep patterns” during this time. Scientists have long believed that what we dream is tied to our emotions and well-being, so we curated a few ways to help induce a dreamy doze.

Dream it up

Influencing what you dream may seem far-fetched, but according to sleep experiments, it’s possible. If there’s a certain person or thing you want to dream about, think of it right as your head hits the pillow. Summarize it in a short sentence, then repeat it to yourself. And, if possible, visualize it or look at an image of it. Who runs the world? You do in about t-minus five minutes. 

Switch sides

Sounds strange, but your sleep position may affect what you dream about. In one study, people who slept on their right side reported more positive dreams than those who favored a left-sided slumber. Less toss, more turn.

Bedtime story, please

For many of us, getting sleep is a dream in itself.  Listening to a bedtime story can help lull you to sleep—and fill your head with pleasing images to dream about. Since you’re not doing the reading, it also becomes its own kind of meditation. Lights off, Calm App’s Sleep Stories or Sleepy Radio on. 

Calm it down

When anxiety grabs ahold of our thoughts, it can be hard to escape. Rae Sleep Capsules use botanicals and melatonin to calm you down and help you sink into a soothing slumber. Goodnight. 

How are you sleeping? Have your own tips for a dreamier sleep? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Instagram @raeforwellness.

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