Navigating WFH (wellness from home)

Here For It

Working from home? Us, too! Here are a few suggestions from the Rae team to help you look after your well-being in the process.

Find a routine that works for you

First things first: Set a schedule. Going straight from waking to working is a path to burnout, and setting defined working hours will help you get more done when you’re actually on the clock. Plus, it ensures you’re not sitting in front of your screen until bedtime. So fight the inclination to hop out of bed and straight to your desk. Those emails can wait. (Just like they would if you were going into the office.) 

Pencil in time for movement 

No commute means more time for other things, like exercise. And now countless apps are making it easier than ever. A few of our faves, like obé, Alo Moves and Daily Burn, offer thousands of live and in-demand classes. We’re especially into Seven, which we love for its seven-minute workouts. Most of these apps require a subscription, but many offer free 30-day trials to try them out. The Peloton App, which has everything from strength and yoga to outdoor workouts, is currently offering a free 90-day trial. And for the new moms and moms-to-be, Studio Bloom is a great way to gain strength while connecting with an encouraging community of women.

Ditch the desk lunch

Carve out time to step away from your desk and fuel up with some healthy go-tos. We’re in favor of options that require little day-of prep—from make-ahead salads to crockpot soups. Or, skip the prep and partake in a little pre-ordering. Freshly delivers healthy, single-serving meals that are ready in three minutes. And who says you need to eat alone? If you’re missing your regular lunch bunch, Facetime the whole crew. 

Take it outside 

Fresh air is one of the best things we can give ourselves right now. It’s easy to say you’re going to go for a walk at 3pm, but actually scheduling time on your calendar makes it more likely to happen. If you’re hesitant to get up and get out, remind yourself that doing so can actually restore motivation and increase productivity. So take that 15 minute walk, meditate or call a friend—all are great ways to recharge and look out for your wellbeing.

We’d love to hear what tips are helping to make the transition easier for you. Share what you’re doing in the comment section below, or find us on Instagram @raeforwellness.

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