Supporting mothers to shine


We all know moms are superheroes with a lot on their plates, but research shows they need support now more than ever. A recent study from Motherly shows 97% of Millennial mothers feel burned out by motherhood at least some of the time, and 74% of mothers are feeling mentally worse since the global pandemic began. With that in mind, below are a few ideas for supporting the mothers in your life from the Rae team—many of whom are mothers ourselves.

Take something off her plate

With many mothers struggling to juggle careers, kids and home life during this time, simply offering to lend a hand can go a long way. If you’re supporting her home life, consider assisting with yardwork, sending groceries or providing dinner through either a restaurant delivery service or personal drop off.

Brighten her day

Keep her spirits up by sending a thoughtful card, flowers, a curated giftbox or encouraging book. You can also provide her with a mental vacation through an online experience like a wine tasting or tapas cooking class. Or, donate to an organization dedicated to supporting mothers on her behalf.

Support her wellness

Our DeStress supplement was formulated to help women find their calm, and according to Forbes, “this all-natural supplement is perfect for the Mom who is constantly on the go and is looking for something to support a balanced mood and promote calm (especially during this time).” Other giftable options to support her wellness include a meal-delivery subscription or these dance-inspired fitness videos.

Be there for her

While many mothers are feeling burned out, unfortunately many also feel as though they aren’t able to talk about it. So simply reaching out, checking in and lending your ear as part of her support team may truly be exactly what she needs. We’d love to hear how you’re supporting the mothers in your life (or yourself) during this time. Share your inspiration, tips or general musings in the comments or find us on Instagram @raeforwellness.

We’d love to hear what shine from inside means to you—let us know in the comments!

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