Why you should prioritize YOU


September is self-care month. But self-love should be the goal.

Take a bath, do a face mask, make sure you eat a healthy breakfast. You’ve seen the lists and read the articles filled with tips promoting self-care — but how much is enough? And what should we prioritize?

Women have very full lives — and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are working hard to make sure we kill it at work, keep it together at home, spend enough time with our friends, fulfill our passions. And the reality is: when there’s real life shit to do, how can we make sure we take the time to take care of ourselves?  And, what is it that truly builds our hearts?

“It’s about being as gentle with yourself as you are with the people you love the most.”

Self-care is important, so much that the entire month of September is designated to discuss and practice it. It’s about all the things — little and big — that we do to keep ourselves healthy and happy. Face masks and bubble baths may be Insta-worthy forms of #selfcare, but actually getting enough sleep or having one-on-one time with your favorite human is just as important. Simply put, self-care is about making time for the things we want to do for the enjoyment of our lives, not simply checking off the to-do list each day.  

There’s something deeper that is often forgotten in life’s chaotic equations: self-love. Self-love is about acceptance, acknowledgement, and believing in what we bring to this crazy world. It’s about quitting the “compare and despair” mindset and loving yourself as-is, knowing that no one else is you, and that’s what makes you amazing.

If all of this sounds easier said than done, we get it.  That’s because it is easier said than done. Learning to love yourself, and really believe in yourself takes not only practice but execution, like anything else worthwhile. It’s about being your best self, making forward steps when you can, and not punishing yourself if you have an off moment, or off day. It’s about being as gentle with yourself as you are with the people you love the most. It’s about realizing that you (yes, you!) are the shit.

So, where should you begin? Here are a few ways to put you on the right path.

Start your day with positive mantras.

This can be as simple as saying “You are loved,” or “You’ve got this,” in front of the mirror, on your commute, or as you’re running out the door. Say those words and breathe.

Learn about meditation or another spiritual practice to foster a good relationship with yourself. There are tons of great apps and books to help you find a practice that works for YOU. Many women that we connected with shared their love for Headspace. Remember, just like there’s more than one way to your heart, there’s more than one way to meditate.

Start recognizing the negative self-talk — and stop doing it. When you’re focusing on flaws, realize that you can stop and make it positive. It’s about forgiving yourself when things aren’t just right and believing that you are enough. 

So, start simply: set aside five minutes a day to check-in with yourself.  These five minutes can be in your bed before you hop in the shower, on your commute, or when you actually have the bathroom to yourself just before bed. Use one of our ideas, or just let yourself sit and breathe into your heart. Remember that you are in control and you are powerful – and you’ve got everything you need to build a beautiful relationship with yourself, right now.

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