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What’s the best way to start the week? With some good press .

There are only two months left in 2019 — so if this is the year you add a beauty supplement to your routine, now’s the time to do it. This morning, the Zoe Report published its roundup of the 7 New 2019 Beauty Supplements to Try Right Now — and we are thrilled to be included in what is truly an all-star group of innovators.

For the article, the Zoe Report spoke with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Amanda Doyle MD, who says, “The right supplement can absolutely give the skin a glow from the inside out,” and recommends incorporating a beauty-focused vitamin into your daily routine. She does, however, note that consumers should do their homework to ensure they are getting safe and effective products. Luckily, Rae made the cut. 

“The right supplement can absolutely give the skin a glow from the inside out.”

The article includes two of our favorite Rae beauty ingestibles: Beauty Capsules and Complexion Capsules. The author of the piece spoke with Rae founder Angie Tebbe, who mentioned a desire to create high-quality supplements with an accessible price point as her inspiration for starting Rae.

As the weather cools, we’re doubling up on moisturizers — and doubling down on our self-care routines. Dry fall skin, the holidays and busy season at work can all take a toll on your glow so be sure to get rest when you need it and keep up with things that make you feel good. For us — and a growing number of women — that includes taking a beauty supplement or two. 

Read the whole piece here.

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