Nourish your shine: Three ways to support glowing skin

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As the seasons change, remember to stay grounded in a self-care routine that can keep your glow going through fall and beyond. Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep shining from inside.

Protect your skin

Days are shorter and the sun isn’t as strong in October as it is in July. But your skin is still vulnerable to UV rays and environmental stress in fall and winter, so don’t pack your SPF away just yet. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 anytime you’re outdoors, whether you’re raking leaves or taking your pup for a stroll. Side note—if you’re into winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, consider going to SPF 30 or higher. The sun’s reflection on snow and ice can cause sunburn even if the temps are freezing. If you’re a minimalist when it comes to skincare routines, look for a moisturizer that contains sunscreen so you just need one product to protect and renew.

Nourish and hydrate

Orange autumnal foods like squash, carrots and pumpkin are rich in beta carotene, an antioxidant that can help protect your skin against UV damage. Add an antioxidant and vitamin-rich supplement to your routine to help fortify your skin from within and keep you glowing as the seasons change. And don’t forget water—drinking plenty of H2o is an OG way to keep skin looking clear and feeling soft. Even just an extra glass of water during the day can work wonders. If you want an extra boost, our Hydration Drops work deep at the cellular level to lock in moisture—and you can add them to your favorite hot or cold beverage.

Glow with your gut

You might not think about your gut as a power player in maintaining your skin, but it is! Your body’s ability to digest and process nutrients is at the root of your overall well-being—including your glow. Try adding a Pre + Probiotic into your routine to support your skin from within. It will keep your body feeling its best—and your skin looking its best—all season long.

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