Black-owned well-being brands to support this holiday


Looking to treat your loved ones—or yourself—to some self-care this season? We’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list of Black-owned well-being brands to support this holiday (and always!):

✨ Aba Love Apothecary: plant-based organic skincare
✨ Alchemy Body Shop: all natural and organic handmade bath and body care
✨ BLK + GRN: an all-natural marketplace by all black artisans
✨ Briogeo: clean hair care magic
✨ The Honey Pot: feminine care that cleanses, protects and balances your vagina
✨ Freedom Apothecary: radiant beauty and wellness
✨ Golde: superfood health and beauty for every body
✨ #HappyPeriod: non-profit bridging access to mental health products
✨ Heal Haus: healing the mind, body and soul
✨ Herbal Gods: refreshing, artisanal products
✨ Inner Workout: self-care on your schedule
✨ Latching in Love: lactation services
✨ OUI the People: body care for the good of the people
✨ Peak + Valley: adaptogen blends to manage stress while supporting skin, mood and mind
✨ Plant Apothecary: clean, vegan, unisex skincare for all
✨ Play Pits: natural deodorant
✨ Spiced Sugah: wellness line featuring everyday necessities
✨ Spirit House Collective: metaphysical community dedicated to spreading healing through the guiding pillars of diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, and education
✨ The BK Yoga Club: a body positive yoga studio
✨ Tru Colour Bandages: skin tone shade bandages for all
✨ Unsun Cosmetics: clean mineral sunscreen for people of all shades

We’d love to add your favorite Black-owned well-being brands to the list. Share them with us in the comments below!

We’d love to hear what shine from inside means to you—let us know in the comments!

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