An update on our metabolism products


March 2020 update: After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products in order to prioritize our focus on innovation and other wellness offerings that support women to shine from the inside out. More than ever, we remain committed to developing high-quality dietary supplements that help women to feel their best, and to providing wellness solutions that further our brand mission and values. We’re always interested in receiving product input from our community if you have suggestions on additional wellness solutions that you’d like to see from Rae, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Over the past several days, our Metabolism Drops were organically shared through numerous videos on the social media platform TikTok. We became concerned when we started to notice a conversation emerge: teenage girls misusing the product alongside conversation about weight loss, at times using more than the recommended dose. All of our products are formulated for, and marketed to, adult women 18 and older.

While there is no risk in taking our Metabolism Drops as directed, because of this misuse we have decided to proactively pause the sale of our metabolism products and worked quickly with Target to voluntarily withdraw the product in stores and online. There are no safety concerns with any of our products whatsoever. We took this action simply because we feel it’s the right thing to do as a company. Seeing a groundswell of this kind of conversation was antithetical to our values. The wellbeing of all women and the promotion of positive body images are essential to the foundation of this brand.  

Rae began with a simple vision: to help women feel their best from the inside out through pure and powerful nutrition. We strongly believe in championing health, nutrition, wellness and confidence not only for women today, but also for the women of tomorrow. With this action, we hope to remind young girls that they are strong and beautiful just as they are, and encourage them to shine from the inside out.

209 thoughts on “An update on our metabolism products

  1. Good evening! I’ve been purchasing your product for some time now and I am 22. Your products have helped me but now that I cannot buy them, how am I supposed to keep this going? When will these be available online or in stores? I appreciate your time, thank you

    1. I ordered and paid for some of the metabolism pills, does this mean I was charged and wont recieved the product I paid for ?

      1. Hi Annie! We are cancelling and refunding all orders of metabolism products. We’ve cancelled and refunded that portion of your order. Please allow 10 days for the refund to process. Thank you!

      1. Yes! I agree! I feel that this company took action and did the right thing. However, when you do bring this product back on the market this would be a great idea. ID required 18+ only.

        1. Exactly. I am 43 and use the drops for an increase in energy due to a syndrome I have. I was am to function daily while taking these. I am so sad to see them off the market 🙁

        1. Hi there! After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products. You can learn more through the update at the top of this article.

    1. I started these about a week ago and absolutely love them. I was planning on signing up for a subscription. Do you know when this will be an option again? I’m 36 btw… 😊

    2. hi. i am 18 years old and i do support the decision that you guys have made. i am just trying to look for these drops and lose some weight before the summer. i have been struggling with weight loss. i hope they come back soon. maybe id those who are 18 and older

    3. Kudos to Rae for making that call and not selling products that are being misused in the market by young women. As a mother of a 16 year old who asked me to order these drops and happen to run across this information, I am extremely grateful.

    4. Hello all! I’m super bummed to hear about the recall due to teenagers. I enjoy this product a lot. With this, when will the product be back for sale?

  2. I am well over 18 and really wanted to try these drops and am disappointed that you have just stopped production altogether. Maybe you should make it like over the counter medicine where you have to be 18+ to buy and someone has to check your ID to make sure. It’s not fair to the rest of us that teenagers ruined it.

    1. I agree !! I was just about to order this and realized that this was even going on. Really hope it’s available again soon

      1. Can you let us know when they will be available again? I read a lot of the comments and replies but y’all keep commenting that you will keep us updated. I’m not trying to be disrespectful because I know a lot of underage girls have been buying them but I just need to know when they will be up for purchase again. I have been using this product and would like to continue to buy it.

        1. Hi! After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products. You can learn more through the update at the top of this article.

  3. Just got this drop the other day but just want to make sure that there are no serious side effects to this product? A little concerned since it is being recalled

    1. Hi there! We have proactively paused the sale of our metabolism products. You may see this action listed in Target stores as a recall, but there are no safety concerns with any of our products whatsoever.

  4. When are you guys planning to put these back on the shelves? I need these not for weight loss but because I’ve always had problems with my metabolism and I have heard this works wonders. This is really sad actually.

  5. I’m personally 22 and ever since I turned 21 my metabolism slowed down and taking these drops has improved my metabolism and my health. I think you guys did the right thing by taking it off sale for these 14 year olds I just think the rest of us who actually need it can’t buy it now. If you can change the policy maybe just having them in boxes and checking ids of it it would be great thank yiu

    1. Totally agree with you! I’m 22 as well and I was really looking forward to getting these because my metabolism has slowed down in the last few years.

  6. I think this is an easy fix, making them have to be an ID purchase and therefore people who try to purchase it have to be ID’d just like cough medicine. 🙂

    I really wanted to try this and was nervous to see it was ‘recalled’, but glad to see it’s not been actually recalled!

      1. I thank you so much because I’m a parent of a 14 year old and I myself was very concerned when I saw what was happening. I appreciate your company and will stand by your brand as you decide what to do . I’m sure your company will figure out an alternative to this matter. Thank you so much

    1. Hi Jessica! We’re cancelling and refunding all orders of these products. Yours has been cancelled and refunded. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sydnee! We have canceled and refunded your order as we are pausing the sale of our metabolism products. You should see this refund credited to your statement within the next 10 business days. Thank you!

    1. Hi Avery – we have cancelled and refunded your order. You should see this refund credited to your statement within the next 10 business days. Thank you!

  7. Do you have a statement on the accusations that these metabolism drops cause lack of appetite and heart complications? I really hope to hear your take on these rumors as I was quite excited to try your product.

  8. Hi! I am really upset that I never had a chance to try a product. I have loved your other supplement lines, and I was hoping to get that extra kick in my wellness journey. Do you know when these will be back?

  9. I think this is the most responsible, immediate course of action until you’re able to decide a more long-term solution. I hope we all can agree that the psychological and physical well-being of teenagers, easily influenced by unhealthy beauty standards, is immediately more important than any positive benefits we receive by taking this product. Thank you for being responsible and proactive regarding this issue.

    1. I agree completely and am very impressed with this company. A lot of companies would so not have taken this approach. My 16 year old and 13 year old both had texted me within a few hours of each other asking me to order these drops based on TikTok videos. Thank you, Rae for truly caring about your products & those using them!

  10. I am so sad production is stopping. I recently started using these and they are fabulous! They curve my appetite for sweets and give me a little boost. I hope they do not stay gone long! I do admire the company for it’s decision to stop production for the safety and well-being of others though. That in itself will make me a #Rae customer for life. You put your customers over padding your pockets. Big round of applause @Rae!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Ashley! We appreciate your support and can’t wait to see you continue to shine from the inside out.

  11. I’m 34 and have been taking these drops daily with my coffee for about 4 months. I loooove them and they have helped immensely. Please please offer them again.

  12. Very good call, Rae! Inspiring message and very telling that you’re focused on what’s important and not just on dollars! This action shows your hearts are in the right place! I’m a new customer and so far am enjoying the products, including the metabolism supplements. I look forward to continued use in the future once you all can navigate this issue.

  13. I applaud this decision on your part! As a mother with a teenage girl it is such a relief that you are promoting safety and positive body image to your current & future customers! While I do love the benefits of the products, I respect this decision to protect our youth!!

    Thank you for putting the overall health of your customers before your bottom line!!

  14. I agree that there should be proof of age and those old enough should be able to still buy it. Some of us could really benefit from these and I would love to continue to use them.

  15. I am extremely disappointed. As a 39 year old woman, I was looking forward to adding this product to my regimen. Instead of cancelling my order, it would have made more sense to ask me to acknowledge my age. Not a great start with your company. 🙁

    1. Hi Melissa! Thank you for your feedback. We’d love to see you again if there’s another supplement you’d like to try. Please feel free to use code FRIENDSOFRAE for 10% off your next order if so!

  16. I understand your concern as a company but just because teenagers don’t want to follow the dosage, it doesn’t mean adult consumers should suffer. That’s ultimately unfair. I was actually excited to try it but can’t now

    1. I understand that you are concerned about young girls misusing the product, but i am 17 about to turn 18 and was super excited about this product because it was vegan and more natural. personally I have struggled with a slow metabolism and recently have been focusing more on my diet and exercise and was super excited to give these a try but could not, due to the “risk” of kids misusing it. disappointed.

  17. This really stinks because since I started taking metabolism pill I can really tell a difference. They have really helped me. But I do know what you are talking about. My daughter just asked me to buy her some of the metabolism this past weekend stop. I told her heck no you’re 16 you don’t need that. My pills are now put up so she can’t find them.

  18. I just started taking the probiotic and I have noticed a huge difference in terms of bloating and being more regular. I was actually getting on here to ask if it would be reccomended, safe, or counterproductive to take the metabolism drops along with the probiotic. Very genuine of the company to take this action. Hoping it goes back on the market soon. Anyway, I was wondering why not all Rae products are sold in Target? It is way more convenient to pick them up there when I’m going there anyway vs. ordering online and paying for shipping.

    1. Hi Ashley! We’re so happy to hear you’re loving our Pre + Probiotic. We’ll pass along your interest for more products in Target stores.

  19. Hi, I use the hydration drops and love them! I ordered the metabolism drops because I wanted to start trying more of you’re products, but you cancelled my order, I am over 18! When will you start production again? I am very upset because I ordered them like 2 weeks ago and just now got a email saying all orders are cancelled! It’s very frustrating!

  20. I’ve been waiting to buy this product for months and now that I’m reading this, I’m really upset that you guys stopped production on this product. There are women out in the world that want this product to make them feel better about themselves but these teenagers who buy it for the hype, just want it to be cool. It’s really sad you guys stopped producing the product for its popularity.

    1. Hi Ivy – if you ordered a metabolism product, we will refund and cancel your order as we have paused the sale of them. If you ordered another product from our ecosystem, your order will be processed in 1-2 business days and standard transit time is 2-4 business days. Thank you!

  21. Wow. Not every company would care that much about the stress that teenage girls have over body image. I think it’s amazing you pulled the product – even if it is just for now. I only found out about these drop b/c my 15-year-old daughter told me about them and she heard they worked. I think she was suggesting them for me though (ha!) so I am bummed they are on pause. But kudos to you all for thinking about more than just your sales.

  22. Do you know when production will start again? I was going to use the drops to actually help with my metabolism because mine is not the best. I was hoping it would help with it. I have been using your hydration drops and they have been amazing so far.

  23. While I am disappointed that these products are no longer available for purchase I think this was a big move on the company’s part to pause selling because I think most brands would ignore the problem, even in a case where it isn’t of their own fault. I hope some new system can be established to prohibit people 18 and under from purchasing and I hope these products will be available again soon.

  24. I believe pulling the Rae metabolism drops product shows how you are as a company. Thank you for thinking of the bigger picture and young girls. Great decision.

  25. This is exactly why I love Ray why I buy your products not that they’re great alone but what you stand for your ethics and what you believe in supporting women and standing behind your truth I will just be without my metabolism drops until then
    Thank you

  26. Hi! I have been loving your products for a while now and was referred by a friend to try this (I am well over 18 as well). I was still able to purchase the item on your website and was therefore charged. So, I was wondering if I will be reimbursed or receive the product.

    I think it is an amazing stand that you are taking and show how much of a health and wellness company you really are. I was just curious as to what was going to happen with my purchase of the product if you are currently pausing the sales.


    1. Hi Gabriella! We have cancelled and refunded your order. You should see this refund credited to your statement within the next 10 business days. Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your thoughts!

  27. As a mother of these teen ‘TikTok’ers, I applaud your responsible action. I researched your product when my girls wanted to take these TikTok glamorized supplements. Although I found the ingredients harmless if taken appropriately, teen girls unfortunately are impressionable and I can see the concern for misuse. For a company to recognize this and put the concern for teens above profit margins is more than admirable. Thank you, I appreciate your decision! ❤️🙌🏼🙏🏼

  28. Thank you for responding to my comments , I do hope you can work a system out for us over 18 using your whole system i take 6 of your supplements including the metabolism (almost out) i can honestly say they really make a difference in my being and i share with everyone ! products are amazing !

  29. I started using these drops a few months ago and I love the way they make me feel in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. I think it was the right thing to do to pull the drops, but I feel like its unfair to the people who were using it safely that some teenage girls trying to get TikTok famous ruined for everyone.

  30. As a 34 year old mom, I love that you took such quick action. However, as a 34 mom I was also looking forward to giving this a try. Haha Hoping you will come to a resolution soon and get this back on the market for 18 & over. Maybe just offering them on your website with proof of age.

  31. I am incredibly impressed. Though I hadn’t bought your products yet, reading that you’d be willing to take a hit in sales for the sake of your company ethos and the sake of customers… well. I am VERY excited to support you.

  32. hello! I just want to say I love these drops and I have found them so helpful. I am 18 and have noticed my metabolism has slowed down. These drops me feel great from the inside out! I hope they come back where we are able to purchase them again. But I was wondering when they will be available again??

  33. Hi, I’m disappointed about this decision. I understand that you want to keep young people safe and definitely appreciate that, but I think there’s a better way to go about it so that adults such as myself can still try the product. A few users have mentioned some great ways for y’all to keep them marketed to the people they’re made for while protecting children and I think these would be great as well!

  34. Hey! I love the idea of this product and y’all’s vision towards making this product but I am a little unhappy I missed the chance to purchase it and try it myself. Do you think y’all will find a solution to your problem soon?

  35. Well done, Rae! I am a huge fan of your products and your ethics, too. While I’ll miss the metabolism drops, it’s a good reminder that “it takes a village” to care for each other.

    1. Hey! After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products. You can learn more through the update at the top of this article.

  36. Good for you! I applaud your decision as a company to take precautions. I have not used your product but will definitely be interested in trying it when it is back on the market. Thanks for doing the right thing.

  37. Thank you so much for being such a responsible and caring company. I respect and admire this decision more than I know how to describe. I will be a lifelong Rae customer. As a momma of a 7 year old girl, THANK YOU!

  38. Huge disappointment that you cannot purchase these drops! I was excited to try them. I would love to be notified when this product comes back on the market. Thank you.

  39. Will you be bringing these back? I was super excited to try them! After two kiddos my metabolism went to crap!

  40. will these drop be coming back on line to be purchased? and if so whrn do you think they will be back on the website for sale

    1. Hey! After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products. You can learn more through the update at the top of this article.

  41. It’s been about a week since the recall on them and I haven’t seen any updates. I was wondering if you’re still planning on selling them and if so how soon it would be until they are available again?

    1. Hi Grace! After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products. You can learn more through the update at the top of this article.

  42. I loved this product, it helped me a lot. Why can’t it be sold behind the pharmacy counter like some cold medician’s are? and check ID at that time. I would like to be put on a list to notified when it comes back on the market. Thanks So Much for listening Lisa

  43. I am over there age of 18 and I was really excited to try these but then they were recalled when will they be up for sale again?

  44. Hey! So I’ve been using for products for a while and I wasn’t using the drops for weight loss, but it’s been in my routine for a while and it’s been weird without it. Just would love to know when they will be put back on the market.

    1. Hi Amanda! We’re so happy to hear you’re loving our Hydration Drops. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

    1. Hi! After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products. You can learn more through the update at the top of this article.

  45. Kudos Rae. I work at Target Beauty and mostly I’ve had high school students looking for it. As mom to 4 girls….I’m glad you are rethinking this

  46. Hi, I am 18 and am excited to try it and was wondering when will this product be on sale again? Also, thank you for caring about your customers!

  47. I am 19 and I was super excited to try them! Then went to target about two weeks ago and found out they were recalled… so when will they be back? Like a set date yet or?

    1. Hey there! After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products. You can learn more through the update at the top of this article.

  48. I’m 22 i seen these on tictok and wanted to try them so bad but now i can not I’m very upset about it when will you guys bring them back ? Plz let me know as soon as possible

  49. I’m 21 and while I did see this item on social media, I was extremely interested due to me having a very slow metabolism. When will the items be sold again?

  50. Oh boy, would have loved trying it myself. Praise to you for the safety steps taken but please, do add me onto your list for updates on this product availability. And I hope it happens soon rather than later, sure to the benefit of your business and also of those who could benefit from it’s use. Very best of luck with your endeavors.

    1. Hey there! After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products. You can learn more through the update at the top of this article.

  51. Hello Rae Wellness Team,

    I saw this item on social media about a month ago and was bummed when I found out you were no longer selling the item. I am 19 years old and have struggled with my metabolism so when I found out they worked I was finally excited to try them out after countless let downs with other companies. I was going to buy it once I felt financially stable and caught up on all my bills. I recommend that they provide ID at the register in order to buy these because I respect the decision you all have made in regards to others health. If you do continue to sell them, please make a decision as soon as possible so I can decide if I should look into a dupe for them.

    Thank you for your time and concern.

    Sincerely a possible new customer…

    1. Hey there! Thanks for your note. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products. You can learn more through the update at the top of this article. If you’d like to try out other supplements in our ecosystem, feel free to use code FRIENDSOFRAE for 10% off your first order. We hope to see you soon!

    1. Hello! After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products. You can learn more through the update at the top of this article.

    1. Hey! After careful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue our metabolism products. You can learn more through the update at the top of this article.

  52. I had been using these drops for sometime prior to this scandal because they were very beneficial to my health. I am in my late 20s and always suffered with weight because of my slow metabolism and now I’m here starting at 0 all over again. Is there a chance that this product will return? I have not found anything that works for my body like that product.

    1. Hi there! We are focusing our efforts on innovation and other wellness offerings. We hope you can find other Rae products you love!

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