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Here For It

More time at home means getting creative with how we fill our calendars—which, turns out, may benefit our well-being. Research has found that people report being happy and energized when they are engaged in everyday creative endeavors, and that being in a positive mood goes hand in hand with creative thinking. To that end, below are a few ways to spark creativity that we’re currently enjoying.

Enroll in an online course

From getting in tune with your wellbeing to learning a new language, Coursera has online courses for nearly anything you might be looking to learn in your free time. And if you’re in search of a learning program for kids, Khan Academy has one built just for them.

Channel your creativity

Studies have shown the correlation between art and mood, which means channeling your inner Georgia O’Keeffe could be a great way to support your well-being while at home. Try exploring some of Banksy’s murals through Google’s street view, drawing a self-portrait or making marbled paper from shaving foam. You can even use your Rae box to paint on!

Learn a new recipe

When it comes to having more time in the kitchen to explore, nothing is too simple. Whether it’s making a daily matcha latte or a diving into a cake recipe you’ve been dying to try—give it a go.

Do-it-yourself self-care

Now might be the perfect time to attempt all of those DIY self-care regimens you’ve been Pinterest-ing but haven’t had the time for. Master your own manicure with daily tutorials from Paintbox’s Instagram Stories or use ingredients you already have at home to make a skincare mask. Or, find other tips for taking care of yourself from the Rae community.

We’d love to hear how you’ve been occupying your time. Share what you’re up to in the comments below, or find us on Instagram @raeforwellness.

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