Hydration: A Love Story

Stay Hydrated

Level up your water game with autumn-inspired infusions and powerful nutrients.

So, you get it.  Drinking water is everything.  This isn’t new news.  Water is magic in helping your body function – from digestion to helping you keep that glow.  But sometimes it’s uninspiring, boring.  

You know how excited you are when you go to a hotel, gym, or WeWork and they have infused water?  Turns out it’s not that hard.    

To make your own flavored/infused water, all you need is a pitcher or refillable water bottle. Fill your container with water (and ice, if you want), add your chopped or sliced ingredients (or something from the spice rack), and stick it in your fridge. Heading to the office? Add the ingredients directly to your water bottle and take it to go. 

Here’s some ideas that aren’t too sweet or add a bunch of sugar to your day.  

Orange-Vanilla bean-Cinnamon

You can make your water work even harder with a few drops of Rae supplements. Our Hydration Drops do double duty, using hyaluronic acid to hydrate and smooth skin from within, while Beauty Drops use biotin to nourish hair, skin and nails. Metabolism Drops are a powerful blend of raspberry ketones and taurine that enhance your metabolism throughout the day, or you can add B-vitamin-rich Energy Drops to revive and invigorate without the coffee crash. 

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