Make it grow: how plants keep us calm

Here For It

That fiddle leaf fig is doing a lot more than just looking cute. The results are in: plants make people happy. And the research proves it. Spending time around greenery benefits our well-being in all kinds of ways. Plants can reduce stressimprove our focus help us live longer and generally, make us feel good.

While daily “forest bathing” likely isn’t possible (we wish!), greening-up your space is easier than you think—and well worth it. Below are a few tips that helped our Rae team’s first-time planters feel like pros.

Always room for more

Forget finding the perfect spot. Not-so-perfect can work, too. A grow light easily transforms dark corners into a bright spots for sun-worshipping varieties. Short on space?  Fit in more flora with a window plant shelfframed wall planters or these adorable, easy-to-make upcycled plant hangers. Or think small. Like, really small. Mini options, such as Baby Tears or Donkey’s Tail are cute, fun and fit in a teacup. And don’t neglect the bathroom. Humidity-loving plants, like this fern, relish being around a good, hot bath. (Who doesn’t?)

Forgiving flora

Green thumb, be damned. There are countless easy-to-grow options that can handle being overly loved or entirely forgotten. Ponytail PalmSnake Plant and ZZ Plant are a few hardy favorites. Bonus, according to the much lauded Clean Air Study conducted by NASA, the Snake Plant has been found to purify the air. 

Pick your pot

If there was ever a time to show your local greenhouse some love, this is it. But there are plenty of small online businesses worth supporting. We’re especially digging The Sillbloomscape and modern sprout. From fancy flora to low-maintenance plants and simple tips—each will arm you with everything you need to transform your space into a green oasis. 

Are your plants helping keep you happy? We’d love to hear more. Share your tips, comments or general musings in the comments or find us on Instagram @raeforwellness.

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