Why skincare routines need a rebrand


There are a lot of skincare routines out there outlining the creams, moisturizers, serums you need for glowing skin—but we believe there’s something missing: the inner work. And because everything we do on the inside impacts our skin on the outside, we’re sharing a few ways to rebrand your skincare routine to support a healthy glow from within. 

Starting with food, things like sugar-heavy foods and processed carbohydrates can cause flare ups, so consider incorporating whole grains, vegetables, fruit and protein into your routine as much as possible to nourish your body and your skin from the inside out. Nourishment + a healthy glow = win-win. 

The stress-skin connection is real, and heightened stress levels can cause heightened oil production in the skin. To counter these affects, try leaning into the things that help your mental clarity throughout the day, such as meditation and journaling, to support strong skin.

While drinking your water throughout the day, consider taking a few moments to affirm the strength and capacity of the skin you’re in. For an additional boost, we recommend adding daily supplements into your routine to support your shine from inside. 

What’s your skincare routine? Let us know in the comments!

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