A feel good guide to your home

Here For It

Not surprisingly, your surroundings play a significant role in how you feel each day. As we all spend more time at home than ever, it’s a great time to make sure your environment is having a positive effect. Here are a few simple things the Rae team is doing at home right now to improve our space and enhance our well-being:

Set the mood  

Natural lighting does a lot more than make your dog’s grams look good. It has countless benefits, like producing serotonin, our favorite mood-boosting chemical. Make the most of what you’ve got by adding a bright coat of paint to reflect it throughout your space. And, if possible, move your favorite reading/vegging/streaming/snacking spot near a window.

Simplify your space

Whoever said, “tidy home, tidy mind” was onto something. These scientists can attest. Decluttering and organizing your space is an easy way to keep the good energy flowing all day. Decide what you actually need and what you never needed. If you’re overwhelmed, organize by category or do a different teeny, tiny area each day. As Marie Kondo has taught us, if it doesn’t spark joy, it’s outta here. If you have a home office, that’s a good place to start. On a budget? Try these office organization hacks. Once you finish that, engage in a little bedroom feng shui.

Get artsy

Bring a bit of calming style into your space by incorporating art. Recent studies and research have proven that viewing art can positively impact your health and well-being in several essential ways, like lowering anxiety and depression and boosting critical thinking skills. This company is on a mission to make fine art affordable—an accessibility message we can get behind. For more art inspiration, check out our recent artist collaborations.

Bring the outside in

As many of us know firsthand, nature makes us feel all kinds of good. Bring the outside in, beginning with some greenery, like these beautifully smelling indoor plants. Or sign up for a flower subscription to surprise yourself with bright blooms each month.  Longing to get lost in your favorite forest? Try our favorite Frasier Fir candle or spruce essential oil to simulate the experience. Then bring in natural elements, like this terracotta infuser.

Are your surroundings bringing you zen? We’d love to hear more. Share inspiration, tips or general musings in the comments. Or find us on Instagram @raeforwellness.

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